From Seller To Advisor

Feeler First Project:The Recordings 
Kim Klaver and Brooke Nilsen

For the network marketer or coach who 
wants a calendar packed full of qualified prospects excited 
to work with them…

Become the GO-TO authority - Advisor - in your personal niche and scoop up your perfect clients and reps - those seeking 
the help you can give…

…Without spending a dime on ads!
…Without chasing anyone!
…Without spamming!


Right now, a few network marketers are seeing their DMs blow up with requests from people asking to learn more…
Notifications “ding” on their phones throughout the day as new appointment book onto their calendar.

“24 people have raised their hands
to get my two sheet!” - S.D

“I sent the Lulu questions and honestly
I thought it wasn’t going to work. Then it did!"

“I sent out 40 and received an answer from everyone.
I had 2 8’s and 15 10!!!! mind blown”

The sense of desperation and neediness has vanished.
Now they can sift through and choose the ones they want to talk to...

Welcome to a different way: a unique strategy that
keeps your pipeline of “opportunity” - 
people looking for your help -
filled to the brim with 
peeps eager to work with you.

What’s the different way?

A unique strategy that -

instead dumping the endless diatribe on them 
about your great thing -

We FIRST call out the name of the person
who’s seeking the kind of help and
relief YOU can provide. 

...Help you can offer confidently with your program, personal know-how and experience. 

This is what we’ve done for 29 years and built 6 companies to the top, in record time 4 out of the 6 times.
How so fast? Because we know exactly who we are looking for.
We “call their name”. 
They respond. We filter, review them and
choose the good ones. 
They book. We chat.
Often 6-7/10 of them signup. 
That’s the process.

Want to see it?

FOUR Modules. That’s it. Here they are... 

WEEK 1: How to MARKET. This means make right folks come to you - instead of running away...

After each main session comes the Lab Class. You get to watch the scary part: “creation of the marketing language” with students:

What happened?

Week 2: Meet your Niche. (The pillar of all marketing - totally ignored in our NWM industry...)

Some just RAN out of the gate with this...

Test Lab 2: Watch them make lemonade for the first time...hehehehe...

Outcome for some?

Week 3: 13 Templates for the words to say that draw out your ideal ones...

Week 3 Lab...scrambling to create fun stuff to test...

Here’s what happened for some... 

Week 4: How to become a customer generation machine with “assets” that actually multiply you...

Lab 4. People went nuts on the process for generating customers and reps...  

What if this could be YOU?

Today you have the opportunity to get your hands on the same organic (no paid ads) client and rep acquisition framework we and our own clients rely on...

And you get to see us help brand new folks create their own...

Feeler First Recordings and the labs hands you a proven, step-by-step roadmap for attracting your best prospects - in droves...Winning them over. And enrolling them into your program with more ease that ever before.

WITHOUT a funnel, webinar, website, social media following, email list, or chasing...

And without cold pitching strangers and spamming people (does anybody like THAT person?)

And without spending a farthing on ads. 

To make it a no brainer, you’ll also get some of Kim’s top seller programs as a bonus when you order today...

1) Warm Market Boss...($97)

When you call your warm market using these surprise lines, you’ll NEVER get hung up on again. And you’ll always have a place to go for Christmas dinner. Simple. But you must follow exactly, lest the old seller talk slips in...

2) Recruit by Phone Clinic - Kim’s scripts. She used these to get to the top of 5 different companies over 27 years...($97) 

All of this is included for a surprisingly affordable price...

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