Feeler First Template
How we enroll 4-5 in 10 people we talk to with the Feeler First Method. Free template. Instant download.
What Other People Are Saying
Maria M Says
“OMG I just tried a "feeler post" following the template that Kim Klaver gave me, even though it is translated to my language (Spanish), more than 20 people reacted saying Meee (Yooo in Spanish,).... I am impressed on how it works!!"
Brooke M Says
““I’ve got 5 messages in my inbox from people wanting more info. They’re harassing ME! 😆
In my whole 5 years of being in network marketing that has never happened to me before. I’m having so much fun right now!”
KIm P Says
“I posted my "feeler" post and have 9 ppl interested so far... waiting for #10!!!” 
Feeler First Template